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How to change your laser tube

Patented Tool-less Rapid Reconfiguration – All Universal laser systems and lasers are precisely pre-aligned to a common reference standard at the factory. This means that nearly all Universal laser cartridges are interchangeable on every laser system that Universal manufactures. Rapid Reconfiguration is especially beneficial in that the most valuable component of a laser system (the laser) is not tied to a particular machine. Almost any laser can be conveniently, quickly and without tools interchanged between different systems or exchanged with a laser of a different wattage, maximizing the return on your investment in laser sources.

Available Lenses

There are two primary considerations when selecting a lens for laser material processing:

  • Focal spot size is a measure of the diameter of the area at the focal plane of a lens where the majority of the laser energy from the focused laser beam is concentrated. The smaller the focal spot size the higher the laser energy density.
  • Depth of focus is a measure of the tolerance of a lens to deviations from the focal plane. A larger depth of focus indicates that the focal spot size increases at a slower rate with deviation from the focal plane.

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The Materials Library is the world’s premier source for information on laser material processing. It provides information on the types of materials that can be laser processed and the processes (laser cutting, engraving and marking) that are possible with a given material.

Additionally, the Materials Library highlights considerations for your laser system configuration necessary to process a given material as well as how ULS technology innovations can be leveraged to obtain the best possible results.

This library is an evolving resource with updates made on a regular basis.