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We supply a wide range of materials in support of our lasers and 3D printers.
Some of the brands are listed below.

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Innovative Plastics Inc.

IPI is a leading manufacturer of engravable laminates for laser engraving and rotary engraving systems. After years of research and development, IPI introduced its first laser engraving series, LASERABLES, in 1994. Since then, IPI has continued to develop new series to give today’s laser engraver not only the largest, most versatile selection available, but also one that outperforms all others no matter what the need. IPI engravable laminates offers a wide variety of patterns and colours from the industrial white & black, wood grains, speckled sands, granites to classic marble. A wide range of metallic looks with advanced design and burst of brilliance, unique reverse engraveable surfaces for exciting dimensional appearances, and a colour environment that includes soft delicate pastels, elegant European hues, and a rich, vivid primary spectrum.

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Horizons Imaging Systems Group (ISG) is a manufacturer of

printable aluminum technologies used for applications where

durability and readability are critical.



Photo quality images on real metal without etching, engraving or adding chemicals.

A specialised aluminium that may be imaged or marked using a CO2 laser.



Military Tough, Industrial Strong, Markable with any CO2 Laser.

The only laser markable metal certified for outdoor usage that does not require a chemical pre-treatment or protective topcoat.


Print Full-Color, Photo-Quality Images Directly onto Real Metal with a Standard Inkjet Printer.

AlumaJet is ink jet printable aluminum that allows you to print full-color, photographic images directly onto real metal without the hassle of heat presses or transfer paper.

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CerMark logo


Laser marking materials that let you do more with your laser. We provide special coatings you can use with a CO2 or Fiber laser to make high contrast permanent marks on metals.

These coatings when used with a laser system create a permanent bond to an item. This process has been tested and approved by the US Military, NASA, medical device makers and many others. This patented laser bonding process has been in use by many companies since the late 1990s.

The coating is available in a paste, spray can or tape.


The Materials Library is the world’s premier source for information on laser material processing. It provides information on the types of materials that can be laser processed and the processes (laser cutting, engraving and marking) that are possible with a given material.

Additionally, the Materials Library highlights considerations for your laser system configuration necessary to process a given material as well as how ULS technology innovations can be leveraged to obtain the best possible results.

This library is an evolving resource with updates made on a regular basis.